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Even as he lost his business and experienced betrayal by friends, Juan’s faith in Christ and resolve grew. Juan considers the story of Nini’s to be a victory story as many have come to Christ and been inspired by his courage.

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Last Stand Studios produces cost-effective quality content which preserves and defends the truth of Christianity and the valuable features of Western Civilization through entertainment and education. 

We tell the stories today’s academic and media establishments refuse to tell.

Our next project, American Monument, will explore the good, true, and beautiful qualities represented by various monuments to people and groups around the United States. 

Figures focused on are soldiers, explorers, statesman, as well as individuals such as Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus, and Thomas Jefferson. 

The documentary will explore, expose, and oppose the motives behind current monument destruction and reinforce the need for qualities such as enterprise, bravery, sacrifice, and leadership the monuments represent.

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